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Thought spread at the speed of mouse click focus the present generation of youth with the enhanced exposure of internet in daily life. This segment of consumer now spend majority of their time on this medium and for them it is the best source of information pertaining to each and everything they like. Basically internet has become bare necessity of the segment and this has changed the outlook of the way media is created and consumed.

With time it is true that the medium of communication of messages have underwent drastic changes mainly in the field of speed, quality and interactivity. Present time the preference is definitely assumed and proved to be moving towards interactive medium wherein the ultimate users have power to communicate and act.

Traditionally media was ought to be created by media companies or experts of the field who create the content and were the content owners. The content owners use to ‘broadcast’ this media to the consumers by using the mediums of communication prevalent based on the target audience segment availability or readership in the chosen segment. With internet this equation has undergone a fundamental change, now anyone can create content and share it with others using platforms like Blogging, Social Networks, YouTube etc. Thus internet platform have provided individual the power to speak what is in the mind this type of content floated on internet is termed as USG –User Generated Content.

In today’s era the consumers of media themselves have become media creators and the best part is that once such content is created and distributed on the internet through any of the previously mentioned platforms and other users/ consumers engage with this content by commenting, Re-Tweeting etc. The communication on the internet between content and consumers is becoming a 2-way dialogue instead of the earlier 1-way broadcast of the traditional mediums.

Gaining popularity of social networking has brought in another dimension to this rapidly changing trend of internet and technology. People are getting more connected & communicative with their networks. Technology allows them to voice their opinions at literally the speed of thought.

It is imperative for brands/ corporations to very carefully manage their ‘image; in this new digital space. Online reputation management becomes an integral part of a well planned Social Media Marketing exercise. The information spread at the speed of thought in the new digitalized world.

Multi dimensional communication system is broadly referred to as SOCIAL MEDIA. It opens new areas and throws new challenges amongst advertisers; they can either leverage this or get left behind.

Conventional wisdom of marketing dictates that a brand should be present where the users are. Hence we see advertisers evaluating media options by the cost per user or cost per views and most media is priced on this basis and you have metrics like Viewership (Television Rating Points - TRPs), Readership (IRS- Indian Readership Survey/NRS – National Readership Survey) etc. to measure these.

Still the new emerging media the statistics are wage to depict the actual reach of the medium to the target audience, as the calculation are often base-less and misleading. Even then no one can undermine the impact of the growth and impact of internet on the lifestyle of the individual.

The media selection is integral part of the branding and reputation management activity based on the conventional logic of the viewership calculation and logics, the following are the few facts based on the current Alexa ranking and global surveys:
-- Most popular sites in India being social networking. 7 out of 20 top sites visited being these. It is estimated that more than 70% people who are online are engaging with social media on some or the other platform.
-- Quality of the internet user is the concern area for the advertiser for considering it as a advertising media and apportioning the advertising spend based on the availability of target audience. Thus demography of the visitors is the parameter of great importance for undertaking online branding activities. Advertiser major concern area lies on demography aspects of target audience available.
Demographic statistics as per the surveys of the major popular sites, Facebook: About 50% of the users are above 24 years of which 63% are graduate or above & Linkedin: a business networking website close to 80% users are graduates and above.
Advertiser major concern area lies on demography aspects of target audience available. The available key facts and statistics reinforce the fact that large number of users visit social media websites amongst them majority are educated and in the age bracket of 20 to 35 years.

In fact this medium has enhanced the connectivity amongst individuals and posses potential of truly binding Indian all across the globe at cost effective and fastest means.
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Eixil Group offers Business Consulting, Advisory and Brand Positioning to Businesses Globally. We aim to transform Business Performance, Strategic Perspective on Process Improvement and enabling Technology as per the requirements to deliver Performance oriented tools.
We offer 360 degree Solutions to promote Brand & Business by Print, Electronic, Digital & Internet Media.

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We look at how we can enhance the process by focusing on Business Process, Software Tools, Training & Support.
Our innovative & experienced team provides Open Source Consulting as well as custom application development. We offer solutions to keep your business grow in the highly competitive business environments & fast changing technology.

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Eixil deals into Event Planning for Corporate and Lifestyle Events, Celebrity Management, Product Launch Events, Exhibitions, Press Conferences, Dealer Meets, Workshops, Concerts, Film Promotions and various other sort of Events or Promotional Activities.
Due to our expert, experienced & professional teams, we plan the activity to give maximum output.

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Eixil Group take care of your Online Brand Positioning, develop Interactive Websites, Internet Marketing, Web Promotions, Search Engine Advertising, Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.
Our Experts Team provides complete Assistance Promotion Plan and Implementation for your Business to successfully go Online.
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